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This sophisticated elegant and innovative CUATROmat ETERNAL 100 % leather has been crafted from hand selected quality leather and incorporates a unique system of intelligently and smoothly integrated handles designed to protect your neck whilst performing a sit-up routine.


SKU: 0005
  • CUATROmat ETERNAL                              USA/ESP

    Long/Largo- 134 cm

     large/Ancho - 51 cm

     Thickness/Espesor- 8 mm

     weight/Peso - 3 kg

     Handle Area/Area Asas - Leather (Vaqueta)/ Piel de Vaqueta

     Composition Surface/ Material - 100%  Cowhide (Leather)/ 100% Piel

  • Once you place your order, a 30 days, hand manufacturing and delivery around the world is applicable. Your product is hand made by artisans in Europe exclusively for you and will be delivered at your very door steps.

    For wholesale and distributors, please get in touch with us directly and we will discuss conditions.

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